So Digital,
so Humann.

We are not Headhunters: we are Humann

We do more than Headhunting, because we achieve the perfect union between company and candidate. Because we do not believe in coincidence or chance, but in suitability. And because we do not believe in random connections, but in lasting relationships.

Why we make things different



We really commit. We don’t stop until we find “the person” that your project needs. And we obviously don’t do it at all badly: our clients trust us again and again.



You can only achieve your business objectives with the right team. Our goal is to ensure you have that team: we will take care of finding the people who will make a real difference in your organization.


Because we are Humann

We work with and for people. We specialize in the Technology and Digital sector, but we never forget the Human side. We make things happen and we remain involved until the very end to make sure that projects reach their successful conclusion.

There’s Headhunting. . . and there’s Humann

We are not a conventional Headhunting company. We are different.

  • We work on each project with dedication and honesty, providing a unique and tailor-made approach for each client.
  • We use empathy and humanity to move beyond simply skill set in the selection of candidates.
  • We place people at the centre of our universe.
  • We are not transactional. We really care about people. We place greater value on interpersonal relationships than on short-term economic benefits.
  • We connect people’s dreams and ambitions with projects that suit them. We align companies and candidates’ expectations.
  • We find the right people to create and strengthen teams. This ensures that the results of our work are sustainable over time.
  • We generate scenarios where excitement is transformed into productivity, ideas, solutions and results.

We are

Experts. Passionate. Leaders.

From Madrid, to your goals

Our team of Headhunters is made of recognized experts and young talents, of professionals who will remain by your side, to ensure you will achieve your goals. Do you want to meet them?

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Challenge us

If you are looking for a technological or digital profile that will make a real difference to your project, you’re in the right place. Set us the challenge! You have much to gain.

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